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L-lysine and L-arginine plays an important role in the reproduction of the herpes simplex virus. The sole purpose is the herpes virus to make millions of copies of itself. No more, no less. To infect a human host, the virus moved closer to nerve fibers for the neural connections or ganglion. Them, resting until the conditions, the viral replication. Exceptionally, an exploration game on the site of the original invasion is sent. Path Finder to penetrate cells and check the conditions and supplies to put in a new system of cell production. (This is where the human sacrifice is prodromal symptoms). It has:. When replication begins promotion, the invasion. Otherwise the scouting party comes to the surface and starts dumping before retreating to safety. If the conditions are perfect to penetrate invasive organisms on the nerves and attacks, the arginine-rich cells to travel. Once inside, it hi-jack of the host DNA and turn mobile phone into a virus factory. This new facility is operates dedicated copy Copier million meters. When I finally by arginine, running group of cells, form the herpes the bursting of the bubble. It branches off the new copies of the virus on the surrounding skin. The only purpose of the newly cloned organisms is to infect a new host and repeat the cycle of replication. L lysine-initiated action of the buffer against the herpes virus by Rob the alkaline diet website arginine acts as an essential element of the new virus. ~ ~ ~ Contributed to this article?Yes, a small donation ($1) could help to finance the costs of this Web site and allow us to even more free content remedy to provide home. Donate using the button below and enter a number. Thank you very much!. .